Before your mapped domains will work, you'll need to ensure that both your DNS settings and cPanel settings are configured properly: 

DNS Settings

  1. Point the A records for mapped domains to the IP address of your server. 

We recommend using CloudFlare as your DNS host. 

Here are instructions from CloudFlare on how to set up DNS records properly.

If you aren't sure how to set up or manage your DNS, please open a ticket and we are glad to help.

cPanel Settings

  1. After your DNS settings are configured, go to the Domains section of your cPanel and click "Aliases."
  2. Add your mapped domain as an alias and ensure that the root URL is the same as your WordPress installation.
  3. Your new domain mapping should work! 
Important: Please note that in some server environments "Aliases" may go by a different name and may require a different type of configuration. Other names include Domain Alias, Domain Mapping, Multi-domain, Virtual Hosting, etc. The point is to ensure that the domain uses the same root folder as your WordPress install.