After installing the China Payments plugin in your WordPress Dashboard, you can click on "China Payments" on the menu item in the side menu bar.

The Stripe API Keys tab allows you to connect your Stripe account using Stripe Connect or by entering your Stripe API keys

Once you've connected your Stripe account, you just need to go to Payment Options and check the boxes next to the payment options you want to accept. Please make sure the corresponding payment methods are activated in your Stripe account.

Payment Form

To enable the payment buttons and payment form anywhere on your site, use the shortcode: [wpstripeglobal]. You can also check our docs for further shortcode customizations. These shortcodes will generate the corresponding payment buttons. See the User Experience docs for more details. 


To activate WooCommerce checkout, go to the WooCommerce tab and enable it. WeChat Pay will automatically appear as one of the checkout options.