Async javascript plugin conflict [update: Resolved]

  • URL:
  • Fixed in version: 1.4.5
  • Description: Async Jquery prevents above-the-fold content on your page from being rendered until the javascript has finished loading. 
  • Conflict: The conflict with WP Stripe Global plugin was that we were calling a JS function "Stripe()" but the include was loading after this. So we were getting the following error:

  •  Fix: To fix this, from 1.4.5 version we removed the stripe.js call from the header, and now we detect when the payment page it's loaded. If this happens, with Jquery we load the "stripe.js" file. Right after it finishes we keep loading the rest of the functions.
  • This is a sample of how we did it:
------- CODE -------
$.getScript("" )
  .done(function( script, textStatus ) { //Right after this we load the rest of the JS for this part.
console.log("stripe included");