Client Namename="yes/no"
Form Title 
form_title="My Form" 
Product Description 
description="monthly hosting"
Product Nameproduct_name="my product"
Designate Payment Amountdefault_amount="499"
Designate optional Payment Amount 2default_amount_2="499" 
Designate optional Payment Amount 3 
Default Currency 
Image URL 
Collect & Require Zip/Postal Code Detailsrequire_zip="yes"
Phone number 
Subscriptions - Let customer choose frequencysubscription="any"

Client name
Description: It will show the name field on the form. 

Shortcode: name="yes/no" 

Form Title
Description: You can add a Title to the Payment Page. 

Shortcode: form_title="My Form" 

Designate Payment Amount

Description: You can set a fixed amount for your users in all Payment Methods.

Shortcode: default_amount="499"

Designate optional Payment Amount 2 and 3

Description: If you add them, you can provide users with fixed amount options.

Shortcode : default_amount_2="499" default_amount_3="499"

Default Currency

Description: This option works only if you are not using Stripe Connect. In this shortcode, you need to set the Stripe account currency you are using. You can check the currency by clicking here.

Shortcode: default_currency="USD"

Collect & Require Zip/Postal Code Details

Description: Add the zip/postal code field into the form.

Shortcode : require_zip="yes"

Phone number

Description: Add the Phone number field to the Payment form.

Shortcode: collect_mobile_number="yes"

Full sample

[wpstripeglobal name="yes"  collect_mobile_number="yes" product_name="my product" description="monthly hosting" default_currency="USD" require_billing="yes" require_zip="yes" default_amount="1599" subscription="annual" collect_mobile_number="yes" default_amount_2="499"  default_amount_3="499"]